With over 35 years of improving processes and systems with experience service organizations and manufacturing facilities, a methodical approach is used to focus on building a system of processes that collect data to make decisions that create sustainable, continual improvement and consistent product.  Companies she works with become better at “turning effort into dollars”.   Her efforts help organizations create affordable, manageable systems and processes for a constant pursuit of excellence.

Since graduating from Iowa State with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, her career has been multi-faceted and still is.

She is President of Cornerstone Engineering, Training and Consulting (CETC) and leads a team of people who specialize in maximizing effort with minimal documentation.  Whether the organization is large or small, systems implemented by CETC consistently have less than 50 PAGES of documents yet pass third party audits without nonconformances.  

CETC requires their team members be certified, auditors who work for third party Registrars to ensure they know the requirements of the standard and of Certification Bodies.  

She is also President of Heavenly Harvest, Inc.  Heavenly Harvest, Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of products for the body and home including the brand name “Country Gent” Tooth Powder, Foot Powder, Baby Powder, and Talcum Powder.  HHI began in 1999 with one product and no management system.  A Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety as well as Good Manufacturing Management System has been implemented.  The systems approach is the method used to manage the business.  She serves as the Management Representative and Director of each management system.

Her company, Cornerstone Engineering, Training, and Consulting, provides training and consultation. Her passion is teaching adults.  She has done much study on how the adult brain learns and incorporates these methods into her teaching.  She believes learning must be enjoyable or learning does not occur.  This puts the burden on the teacher to provide an atmosphere that promotes learning.  Whether engineering or consulting, she is teaching.

She is also the author of Turning Effort into Dollars, which is about what suppliers need to know and should be doing.  It is a tool for Customers to use to convey to their suppliers concepts to manage and improve their organizations ability to fulfill requirements.

CETC's online E-Learning course for Internal Auditors and Understanding ISO 9001:2015 is available through her third company Training4U.

CETC has partnered with PECB, an international Certification and Training Body to provide certification services and accredited training to clients.  See more about PECB here.

Debra Matthews Hay Hampton, P.E., Lead Auditor - QMS, EMS, OHS, Medical Devices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Energy Management

Cornerstone and the Founder