​ The objective of certification bodies should be to calibrate their auditors.

If you have an auditor who is a bully, report them to your certification body.  Abort the audit if they are disruptive and not adding value. 

Our objective when auditing is to look at what you are doing right.  You had all of the questions that might be asked before the audit started.  If you don't have the answer, then it is most likely that the auditor hasn't understood, yet, what you are saying.  Again, you had the questions before the audit began.  You answered all of the questions, right?

If you did not meet the requirement, a nonconformity should be written.  If you are having resource issues with getting to your suppliers or getting audits done internally, email us.  We'll be glad to help you out, even if it is a temporary assignment.

Email us  if you want to know more."

​Debra M. Hay Hampton

Auditing Services

Internal Audit Services

On-Site Auditing is provided and performed by Certified Auditors, eliminating the strain on your resources for internal auditing.

Accredited Certification Audits

Cornerstone partners with PECB to provide Third party auditing for an accredited Certification Body.   Only seasoned, experienced auditors are used.    For more information on how PECB's model and services can assist you, please contact us

Standards where we focus. 

Audits of Supply Chain Suppliers and External Providers

The trend for organizations to depend on their supply chains to meet their customers' requirements continues to expand.  Horizontal Integration of suppliers needs accurate monitoring to ensure on-time delivery (OTD) and quality performance requirements are met, supporting and improving the customer service experience (VOC).  

Our seasoned auditors can provide services to assess your supply base and assist suppliers in identifying options to improve their processes and be proactive at problem solving. 

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