Certification Services

Certification Bodies (CB), certification services, have an extreme influence on the future of your organization.  Does your CB use auditors who understand business? your business? Our auditors are seasoned ISO 9001 certification, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000 professionals.

Most certification bodies have a large front office that schedules and manages audits.  YOU pay for this.

PECB's model is different.  PECB is a partner with CETC.  PECB manages CETC's relationship with its certification clients. PECB is the overseer and owns the certificate.

Our focus is value added auditing that gives you new expectations of what an audit should be.

CETC uses auditors certified by PECB to complete audits.  CETC schedules the audits and manages the invoicing.

CETC uses Lead Generation from consultants, auditors, and others in the business.  We don't have huge marketing costs.  We grow because you know us.  We save those dollars and build a relationship where we both profit.

What this means is reasonably priced certification for YOU.  Learn more about PECB here.

Contact us and request a quotation.  Transfers to PECB can occur anytime during your certification cycle. 

We don't have those huge marketing costs.  CETC uses Lead Generation from consultants, auditors, and others in the business.   If you would like to partner with CETC as a Lead Generator or as an auditor, contact us.  (All auditors and lead generators must abide by the code of ethics of PECB and CETC.

Get more for less.