Certification Services

Great Certification Body Services:
1.  Coach.  Coaches teach principles. 
2.  Are responsive.  (Contact us if you have a complaint.)
2. ​Have auditors who are on your team, are expecting maturity with every audit.  (CMMI, CMMC). (Auditors are consistent, calibrated auditors.)
3.  Expect their auditors to be accredited by an international certification body to ISO 17024.  
4. Expect their certification services to be accredited to ISO 17025 by an international certification body. (Can't help but say, "If your certification body is not listed here, by IAS or here by IAF, your certification has zero credibility."  QAS is one of the ones who proudly states they are NOT accredited.

Example of Debra M. Hampton working as an auditor.

"Unaccredited" Accreditation Bodies:


If you know of an unaccredited, non-accredited  certification body, who is proud of it, please, tell us and wel will list them here.

Frustrated with your certification body?  Tell us about it.  We'll help you sort it out.  Just contact us.

Partnering with PECB-MS to provide our clients with Certification Services (Accredited by IAS)