Management Review

Management Review

            Management Review is as it says a review by management of the ISO Management System.   It is a time when a critical eye is applied to the management system to get feedback and pinpoint areas for improvement. If it is properly structured, it pulls the managers together for brainstorming and focus on solutions to problems as well as implementation of new ideas and processes.

              If it is a meeting, the Top Manager leads the Management Review.  It is not required that it be a meeting. (Look at the ISO Management Standard in clause 9.3.  There is no requirement for a meeting.)  It is a review of the status of the Management System.  It can be a report circulated or spread over many meetings.  The ISO Management Specialist assists in preparation for the Review and should receive the feedback from the Review. 

Why Review?  To look for ways to improve.  Management Review can be a covered in a series of meetings.  Some organizations do a portion of the Management Review at each staff meeting with one time a year where everything is accumulated, summarized, reviewed, and used to prepare for the next year.  The risk using this method is that adequate records might not be kept. 

              The evidence of the Review is inputs and the decisions or actions resulting from the Review.

              Planning for Management Review and doing a Management Review is a check on the Management Systems system so that Actions can be taken to drive continual improvement.

Copied from Newsletter: 25 Words - 28 Sep 2019
Believer in "10 Word Policies"

I follow David Oaks of World Stage Development.
He issued a newsletter this morning quoting Seth Goden who is someone David Oaks follows.
I've preached that Quality Policies should be less than 10 words all of my career. This man apparently preaches it, too. Now, I've got back-up. I'm planning to use it.

How many words are in your ISO Management System Policy? If more than 10, you need help. We help solve problems with simple, systemic, sustainable solutions that drive continual improvement.

If you want to read more, please, click to read David Oak's comments on "10 Words or Less" in an email.