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"A Legend."

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

I was serving as a consultant for a client. The client was going through a third-party audit.

I introduced myself to the Lead Auditor. He says, "Debra Hampton, You are a legend!" "I see your name everywhere!" " The wonderful things people say about how you helped them when you were their third-party auditor."

I audited so many of you. So many who let me examine their ISO Management System and see if it had weaknesses. We then turned, together, to the standard to understand the requirement in light of their organization.

If I am at an organization as a third party auditor or as a consultant or as a trainer, I will be focused on improvement. I will be working to ensure the organization gets value for the time that I am there.

"A Legend..."

I sat down and said, "Thank you."

How do you respond to those times when someone sees that you have worked hard and worked to make other organizations.

How do you respond when others have spoken praises for your work?

I choose to continue to work to "pay" for what I cost when I am working.

I want you to grow, to become the best at managing your organization using an ISO Management System.

Call me. Let's talk about how to use my skills that accumulated to become "A Legend". See how you can apply my expertise to improve your productivity. . . unless your PPM is 230. A PPM of 230 is another story.

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