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CMMC without going bankrupt

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - Most Expensive Implementation of a Program I've Ever Seen!

I've been working in industry since 1979.

I watched ISO 9001 become implemented in the 1980's.

I saw ISO 14001 and then, ISO 45001 released.

I saw the Vape Juice industry become regulated by FDA and by ATF to some degree.

Never before have I seen anything like CMMC! Costs to implement CMMC are OUTRAGEOUS!

Costs for audits are even more outrageous! Some C3PAO's were quoting $100,000 for a week of audit for a five person company.

Call an implementer and costs are even crazier. Microsoft Azure then wants $10,000 or more a MONTH for 5 users to use their repository for data and do not encrypt emails. That is another cost.

What small business person can afford the Department of Defense, now required, CMMC Certification?

Most of my clients are small companies of less than 10 people and many are government (DoD) contractors. They HAD TO have a way through.

I found a way to get you through implementation and the certification process for around $30,000. This includes implementation, communication of SPRS score to DOD and maintenance fee for a DOD approved repository for your Contract Unclassified Information (CUI).

A repository that is secure for the data that is considered FCI or CUI.

It includes encrypted transport to and from repository.

It includes encrypted email service.

AND you will love working with them. Real people quickly respond to you and your questions.

Plus I will be there to guide you in creating your policies and SPRS documentation. I'll help you prepare for the audit. I'll help you find a C3PAO who is like us, there to serve you not make a killing. I'll be there every step of the way.

It is still going to cost you but not like it would if you go the standard route. Call and lets talk. I can help address your cybersecurity needs and get your CMMC certification.

Our clients score 110 and get certified for less than $30,000 including the fees for the repository. This is fee for the first three years.

If you can't afford CMMC, YOU can't afford not to call.

Let's set a time to meet. I will personally meet with you to discuss your situation and help guide you to a solution you can afford.

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