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If I can steal it and you don’t miss it, it has no value to you.

Updated: Feb 4

What document(s) in your organization could I steal, and you not miss?

Think about it.

Which ones are valuable enough that you’d know when they were missing?

I’ve been living on a farm most of my life. I’ve learned things that go missing on a farm. They do. You have trouble keeping up with things. You just do. The things that have value get replaced. Some are not even missed but hopefully, the thief enjoys them.

Stealing. Must be a rotten business. I’m glad it is not one I know.

In most organizations, the main documents – Quality Manual, SOPs are only “referred to” when the third party or customer auditor returns.

When this happens, two things are present.

1. Weak internal auditing – Need one on one internal auditing training - onsite.

2. Poor Understanding of processes, risks, consequences, and controls – Poorly planned Processes – PPP Disease.

Make sure any document, even any word in the document, has value. If your system has more than 25 pages for up to four standards, you are wasting money and time and have many words in your system that should be stolen. You would not miss them.

Call me if you want to analyze and assess your management system(s).

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