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PPM of 230? Are you sure?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

I asked that question. I examined the data. Two Hundred Thirty (230) Parts per Million (PPM)?

They have only had 230 parts returned for every million parts they ship!

The numbers were real. Plus, On Time Delivery hovers near 90%. Communication with customers is so good they don't have complaints about delivery.

In 2000, a small company who began by creating wiring harnesses for Blue Bird Bus Company, was audited by me as a third party auditor. Over the years, they have stuck to a religious, regimen of seeking methods to improve.

They have improved. They also go through an ISO 9001 audit with flying colors.

Risks have controls. Controls are monitored and measured using software. Improvement is sought and can be accomplished.

They have time to train because they don't do a lot of rework.

Over 23 years of adhering to the principles of ISO 9001 results in a PPM of 230.

They did it. You can do. Let me introduce you to Integrated Cable South located in Fort Valley Georgia.

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