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The “One Thing” is the “One Thing”

In a movie the herd driver asks his drovers what is the one thing?

As the driver dies, he says “The One Thing is the One Thing”.

The question and the answer always probed my thoughts. What is the One Thing?

Then I saw it as an approach to life and to problems.

Sufficient unto today are today’s trials.

Don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow.

It all says look at the main thing and do it when your back is against the wall.

Helping you see what the “ONE THING” is in your organization is my specialty. I help you. I customize solutions.

People tell you to eat the elephant one bite at the time but if you take the wrong bite….nothing happens, or you make him mad.

Take the right bite. Know the “ONE THING” that if we do, we will change our organization.

Call and let’s talk.

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