Have Problem Suppliers Who Need Help to Get Their Act Together?

Dependent on Suppliers for Your Success?

Supply Chain


We recommend you instruct your distribution channel vendors to contact us to assure consistency with all stakeholders.  Our role will be to provide a review of their organization, provide a gap analysis, identify areas of concern and weakness, and assist them with mapping an action plan to direct them to the path for continuous improvement.

Please provide our contact information and inform them we are here to assist in improving the customer-supplier relationship and performance.  We'll work in conjunction with you or independently, resulting in a Win-Win for all. Services are customized based on your needs.

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"I have high expectations of suppliers.  If they don't perform, I report them to their Registrar.  I am a third party auditor.  I know a good supplier when I see one. 

​I also own my own company,   It isn't a big company but, it is bigger this year than it was last year and it employs about 60 hours of work to people in our community every week. 


We produce products for the body and home, products for today and reproductions of toiletry items that are period correct to the 1800's and before.  ​The reproduction items are educational.  They are often found in U.S. National Parks and State Parks Gift Stores.  All products are sold on www.amazon.com, ebay.com, etsy.com and in some health food stores.

Email me at debra@CE-Q.com if you want to know more."

​Debra M. Hay Hampton


​Provisional ISO 22000, ISO 13485, ISO 50001, ISO 22716,

Implementer and Auditor of cGMP, FSMA, AS 9100, TS 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 9001 ISO 14001, ISO 45001