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When you need a consultant to help with your ISO Management System,
use an accredited one.

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Two people, a client and Debra Matthews Hampton, PE, collaborating.
Steps I follow to help you.
1.  Set up an appointment to talk.
2.  During our 30 minutes, we will review your current ISO Management System and prescribe a plan forward that fits your resources.
3.  Apply for certification or employ us to keep up your internal audits.

You are an expert at what you do or you couldn't afford to consider help. 
We capitalize on your strengths. 
We look for risks in how you work with your customers and how you manage your suppliers.
We help you create a cadence of activities that you can afford and will give you a competitive edge.


People of all types collaborating and being happy.

We are accredited as Auditors, Trainers, and as Consultants who Implement ISO Management Systems through Click on PECB and enter "Debra Hampton" to see the accreditations. 

We work in all industries including governmental contractors and manufacturing. We work in all standards including ISO 9001 - Quality Management, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management, ISO 45001 - Health and Safety,  ISO 13485 - Medical Devices, and ISO 22000 - Food Safety, ISO 22716 - Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO 50001 - Energy Management.  We specialize in integrating your systems.They "know" and have "proven" knowledge.  They aren't giving their opinions.  They are a blessing not a burden.Contact us. Let us see what we can do to help you start continually improving, getting more effective and more efficient every day.

Some of our clients who received their Certification to ISO 9001:2015 without a nonconformance in the first audit:

Laredo Technical Services Inc. Logo
State of Maryland.jpg
Logo of Client DSS Valves
Camfil Riverdale NJ is a client
Logo of client Integrated Cable

These are a few of our recent clients. 

Please, call us for more.  

Of the ones listed, one is a government agency, one a government contractor and others are manufacturing.

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