Albert Einstein said something like "Any intelligent fool can make something complicated.  It takes a lot of courage and a stroke of genius to make something simple." 

We simplify complex ISO MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, any of them. 

All of them.

Complex ISO Management Systems are created by "intelligent fools".  I'm Debra Matthews Hampton and I help organizations simplify their ISO management systems.

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Complicated ISO is expensive and frustrating.  

Complicated, lots of pages management systems make them useless.  No one can use them to prove it is how they do their work.

No body reads them. 

No one knows them.

They are used when the audits are done, sometimes.

Pray the auditor is like most and will not read them.

No one knows what to do or how to do "ISO".  Complex systems are created by intelligent fools.

I'm Debra Matthews Hampton and I know how to simplify an ISO Management System so that they are understandable and useable. 
Our team of collaborators help you create a valuable system that will cause your organization to seek and find improvements.  
ISO will become one of your most valued tools.
You will tell people to do things and have accountability built into place.

Services we offer to help you transform your ISO System into a useable, valuable, force, driving improvement.

Free samples of a one page Quality Manual, a CAR Form, Required Documented Information.  All for your use.  Even some how to do it videos.

Training is custom prepared for your organization.  On-site to self-study to one-on-one training is available on almost all standards.  Your organization gets learn by doing training by people who audit the standard they teach.  We understand how people learn.

We use certified courses that launch your auditing career.

Sometimes you need a little help.  Thats what we do.  We coach you or help you carry your load.  We customize our services for you.  We serve as temporary quality manager for some organizations.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, CMMC, Revision 2, changed the world of government contractors.

As early as 2017, 800-NIST-171 was prescribed on some contracts.  FEDRamp could even be found sometimes.

With the end of 2022, 800 NIST 171 becomes auditable and criminal if falsified.

CMMC is a nightmare to understand.  Costs given as estimates start at $30,000 per year.  

We found a way to AFFORDABLY implement CMMC.  Our clients are expecting no more than $10,000 a year for certification and implementation.  Call us we will help guide you through.  

Companies using these methods have scored 110 of 110 on their SPRS Score.  You can, too.  

If your score is not 110, you need guidance and you are probably paying too much .

Call us to help you through the maze.  (We charge you for the knowledge we have a $49.99 fee for the how to do it guide.)

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