Simplify ISO!  
Simplify to Clarify.
Certification should be simple.
Management Systems should be simple (less than 25 pages).
Training should be effective.
Auditors should be certified.  Certification Bodies should be certified.  
We help you simplify to clarify your expectations.
Debra M Hampton, PE, Senior Lead Auditor and Implementer ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

We can fix your ISO Management System Experience.

Who Am I 

I can be obstinate when I know I'm right.  

I operate in integrity, fainess and in transparency.

I am a rebel.

I am focused on excellence in all management systems, all auditors being certified by an accredited organization and 

I am adamant that all certification bodies be accredited.

This means their work is independently verified to ensure fairness and justice.  Without an audit as such, the organization who issues your certification certificate can't say their work was verified independently.


I am focused on you getting you the best in customer service for all things ISO related.  Our customers rave about us.  ISO Simple!


i can't do what I do without the stout support of the people who mentor me now and before.

I have an imense background where I've met some of the best.  These folks support me to ensure you receive the best in services.

We partner with PECB-MS to provide accredited certification services.  PECB provides the accredited training we use and accredited trainers.


***News on PECB-MS**** ONLY (as far as can be found), the only, certification body in the world that requires certified auditors!  It's why we partner with them.  They are in our opninion the best in the business.  Emaill or call us for a quotation.

***News on PECB***  PECB was chosen as the LTP, Liscnsed Training Provider, for all CMMC, Cybersecuirty Maturity Model Certification Certification, by CMMC-AB.  The Department of Defense appointed, Licensed Training Provicer..  It is big.  Huge, for all government and second tier government contractors.

Call us.  If you have, ISO Management System Certification Problems.  We fix them.  

Email us.  Tell us about your problem either way.  We will help you find a solution.

May you pursue knowledge of ISO Management Systems in a fresh new way!  This is our hope for you and yours.

Check out our Free Webinars/ Check out our free examples of documents.  We have example templates of management review, corrective action.  

Need FREE CONSULTING.  Yeah, we even give that away every month.  We call it Third Thursday Thirty.  I or a guest teaches for 30 minutes.  Then you get to ask questions about your iso management system.  We help you thinki up solutions.  We've all been there.  Sign up for Third Thursday Thirty here and never miss another one.  We meet monthly at the same address.

Need clues right now.  Some people do.  We offer a training for you that is online that is called the Game of ISO.  It is who does what, when, in an ISO Management System.  It is the first one in a series of videos that can be purchased to teach your team.  Here is how you register. and pay for this opportunity to truly learn your responsibilities in an ISO Management Team.

If you are disappointed, call me, tell me why.  Be kind and I'll probably refund your money if you are dissatisfied.  We want sattisfied customers and customers who believe they got more than they expected.  It's our mission.  

Our vision is to see you back.  Come back often and tell your friends.  We promise to educate you about ISO.

Debra M. Hampton, 

Registered as a Professional Engineer since 1986 in the State of California

Certified as a Senior Lead Auditor and Senior Lead Implementer for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001.

Lead Auditor for more.

We can help you.

CETC, LLC "Simplify to Clarify"
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