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Eliminate Being Overwhelmed or Frustrated.

Choose Simple, Continually Improving, Sustainable, ISO Management Systems

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Why Cornerstone Engineering coaching & Consulting?

Improve Quality

With continual improvement quality exceeds customer expectations.

On time Delivery

On-time delivery becomes the norm.

Customer Satisfaction

With continually improving quality and on-time delivery customer satisfaction is increases.

Spend a little
Save a lot

Your success has taught you that time is money.


Let Debra Matthews Hampton take on the difficult, technical aspects of your ISO9000 certification so you can focus on your business.

She will work with you every step of the way until you’re successfully certified.

  • Stop wasting money on ISO consultants 

  • Easily see your results in 120 days

  • Enjoy a new cadence of continual improvement and satisfied customers


Imagine your confidence as your team:

  • Meets expectations

  • Quickly reacts to trends

  • Are accountable

  • Continually improves

I Understand...

It started when I ran my own business

Something happened that is very rare. On our last audit, we didn't have one single non-conformance. 

I learned to simplify the complex. 

Now, for the last 40 years, I have done the same for others. Just take the complex and simplify it. I call it "down to earth."

I love helping top managers stop spending a fortune on ISO and leave the world of frustration. 

I love helping quality managers stop living looking for a quick fix. 

I love watching irate customers become raving fans when they get their two biggest desires: quality & on-time delivery.

I love taking the complex and making it simple.

When my clients understand ISO in a simple and uncomplicated way, I get happy!

Book a free call today, you too can go from frustrated and lost to on-time and continually improving.

Debra Hampton

Image by Steve Johnson

Current ISO Plan

You want to have a continual improvement iso system but it feels impossible when...

  • On-time delivery becomes impossible

  • Expectations are ever-changing

  • You promised federal compliance but now you can't deliver

How To Get Started


Set a time to meet.

Meet and look. This can be a virtual meeting. Determine, assess where you are and where you want to be with your ISO continual improvement system.    CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


Write a customized system

​This can be onsite or remote. We will write out your ISO continual improvement system to improve quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. You can't expect what you don't inspect. Document your expectations, methods to control & improve.


Perform audit to your plan

Kickstart your audit program with on-the-job-training for your auditors.

Enjoy a new cadence of continual improvement and satisfied customers. Your people:

  • Meet expectations

  • React to trends

  • Are accountable 

  • Continually improve


Get help to implement

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

  • ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Systems

  • ISO 13485 Medical Device

  • ISO 22000 Food Safety

  • ISO 27001 Cybersecurity

Get help to integrate CMMC Level 2 requirements into your ISO 9001 management system (Working on certification as an RPO).

Get a Gap Analysis to help you know what you need to do.

Get help with Internal Auditing and Internal Auditor Training. 

Get help from the beginning to the end to have a strong foundation for the sustainable future you want to create.  

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