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It started when I ran my own business. 

Something happened that is very rare. On our last audit we didn't have one single non-conformance. 

I learned to simplify the complex (You can read more here).

Now, for the last 40 years, I have done the same for others. Just take the complex and simplify it. I call it "down to earth."

I love helping top managers stop spending a fortune on ISO leave the world of frustration. 

I love helping quality managers stop living looking for a quick fix. 

I love watching irate customers become raving fans when they get their two biggest desires: quality & on-time delivery.

I love taking the complex and making it simple.

When my clients understand ISO in a simple and uncomplicated way, I get happy!

Book a free call today, you too can go from frustrated and lost to on-time and continually improving.

FDA showed up one day.  Heavenly Harvest, Inc, (Debra's company, a small, woman owned organization, operating in a hub-zone), designed, produced, and distributed FDA-regulated Over-the-Counter Fluoride Tooth Powder and Toiletries to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001), and ISO 22000 requirement.

Debra wasn't home.  She was at her daughter's in Nashville Tennessee,cooking gluten free corn bread for the wedding dinner!  Four Hundred were made ready.  The FDA Audit occurred.  

  My office manager led it.  There were zero nonconformances. 

The auditor was in awe. 
The system was built to ISO requirements.  It had been mistake proofed. 

Risks were known and mitigations in place to ensure the organization was data driven, and continually consistent and improving.

If Debra Matthews Hampton can do this for herself over 20 years ago, imagine what she can customize for you and your organization(s)?

Imagine, you being away from your factory and having a crisis.
You have practiced it.
You know what to do and you do it.
You don't have mistakes, failures to follow planned arrangements. 
You excel at continually improving.


If this isn't you.  Contact us for an appointment.

If it is you and you want your vision to be reality, contact us for an appointment. 

Schedule an hour.  


Go over your system.

This usually costs $500 for an hour of time with me.  
Coming through this website and as a reward for you, enter "info4u" as a code to get the hour of time for free.  
We will see who read this far, aye?

Plan your ISO Management System.
Continually Improve.
Simplify the Complex.
Schedule an Appointment Now.

At the end of the appointment, we will have plotted a path for you to make ISO pay for itself.  

We've been doing it for years.

Schedule an appointment and use the code "info4u" to get a free hour.

"I have enough experience in the field of ISO Management to solve ISO Management System Problems. It's what I do."
~ Debra Hampton

​“I stand by my money back guarantee. If you do the work, I guarantee results or you don't owe me.” ~ Debra Hampton

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Real Companies, Real Results.

Result #1: "Company A" had an amazing ISO 9001 Management system.  They had never had a nonconformance.  They needed CMMC Level 2 to be layered onto their existing ISO Management System.  We did it.  Got them an SPRS score of 110 and make CMMC simple to manage.  Took four months of hard work.  Simple but effective system without increasing the number of people in the organization.

Result #2: "Company B" had to ensure their operation was accurate because they were the last step before completing their customer's product. The process is highly technical. It was a coating that was necessary for the product to function. If they misapplied the layer, the company automatically absorbed the cost of their customer's product. "You have to know when to hold it and know when to fold it." This process was a marriage of GMP, SPC, and ISO 22000 with a little ISO 9001 thrown in! CETC helped Company B set parameters and control points. They determined what to monitor, measure, analyze and improve. After implementing our system, all production costs decreased, and the company built a reputation of world-class quality!​  You'd know their name if we said it.

Result #3: "Company C" had an excellent management system. It was simple and beautiful, but their culture did not drive improvement. Rhythm and cadence were needed to transform their culture into a lean, agile, and continually improving team. CETC helped them identify, prioritize, and measure what was important. We established the proper flow, which enhanced organizational culture. This company knows how to be efficient. Employee retention is up, and competition doesn't stand a chance. Now, no one can do it better.

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