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Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd…

Google it. It is a song from my childhood.

Challenges come. Don’t try to skate just, knuckle down, settle down and do it. This is the “gist” of the song. A melody of being content in whatever circumstance you find yourself. The writer of “Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd” also wrote “Trailers for Rent or Sale”. Words from the song tell of hard times when you had to decide to knuckle down, settle down and do it, even if you are in a herd of buffalo. Find a rock or tree and sit behind it. Settle down. Knuckle down and do it. Roger Miller was this song writer. He had hard times but found a way to live through it and be happy about it.

I believe he knew the slogan of the ISO

Management System Industry.

Plan, Do, Check, Act is a common phrase in the ISO Management system industry.

Proactively Plan,

Dissect, Disseminate, Do.

Check, Correct and Act –

Assess, Analyze, Evaluate, Improve.

Knuckle down. Make a plan. Your organization will not get any better until you do.

1. Diagram the risks for the organization.

2. Diagram the risks for each process for each ISO Management System.

Proactively Plan a method to address each risk.

Dissect the most significant problems of the organization and know their controls.

Monitor and Measure.

Audit, Assess, Analyze, Evaluate, Improve, Continually.

“You can be happy, all you have to do is, ‘do it, do it’, ‘do it’.

Thank you, Roger Miller, for this inspiration.

Organizations don’t have to be chaos, firefighters, folks exhausted from the frustrations of getting service to their customers. Organizations can be run like a well-oiled machine.

It takes PDCA. Organizations who use ISO Management System Standards to Assess, Analyze, Evaluate, and Improve Continually create sustainable organizations. The methods are proven.

My job is to help you keep it simple enough that it can be used to drive the profitability of the organization and not be a drag on resources.

Call me and let’s talk. I will customize a system for your organization so that you will know how it was created and each piece of paper will have value.

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