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People can recognize what words are; But Ten Strung Together is too much to understand!

Updated: Feb 4

When I chose to move to Iowa State University in my Junior Year. I was scared. I had been told since I was little, “Georgia schools competed with SC, AL, MS schools for SAT scores.”

I figured that I would fail the first semester.

Instead, I flourished. It’s where I began to learn that most people can’t read, no matter who they are or where they are from.

I began a trail of an insatiable need to know and understand that has caused me to read. When I read, I know. I am able to think. Some people don’t have that talent. I do. It is my talent. I can take complex documentation and boil it into easy to read and easy to see information.

I create few words. I create few documents. I create plans for ISO Management Systems that people follow. I set a cadence of meetings and bring accountability to the organization.

I CUSTOMIZE a system for you that you can LEAD to sustainability. You will have a 10-year plan for where you want to go and how you plan to use your resources. All through using ISO. You can choose to be the best. You can choose to create a legacy.

You just can’t use a lot of words to do it. I will help you see the words you need to communicate expectations, so you know who is doing, what, when.

Twenty-Five, 25, pages for small to medium sized, entrepreneurial based organizations is our track record.

If I was smart enough to, I’d create IKEA directions. They don’t have any words. Until I get there, I’m still at systems with less than 25, twenty-five, pages.

Call me if you want to consolidate your documentation and streamline it. Let’s create a plan.

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