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Well I Didn't Break Out My Teeth

Living on this farm gives me lots of opportunities to "test" my competence as a health and safety auditor. You know, one of those Pharisee questions you should ask yourself, "DO I LIVE THIS STUFF OR IS IT LIPSERVICE?"

I test this on a regular basis. I'm getting better but then I let my guard down. In the last six weeks I've almost turned a tractor over on me two times and knocked myself in the top lip with a limb and needed seven stitches.

Accidents should be prevented from happening by pre-planning.

I teach you tools to use to ensure a systematic method is used to plan to prevent accidents.

I help you set up measurements to know how you are doing and to show if you are improving.

I help you see ways to drive accountability into your training.

I want to talk to you and help you see how you can help your organization prevent accidents.

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